El Cuartito Azul

A family story that is being written day after day in the format of heartwarming food.

Back in the day in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we used to enjoy the many flavors of the fantastic food that was served on our family table. Both grandma and grandpa would serve hot delicious crusty bread with black olives, white beans, followed by homemade ground meat, cheese and ham, spinach and cream or corn empanadas, and, of course, tender, juicy, grilled to perfection meat, accompanied by grilled sausages, perfectly cooked, superbly chewy chitterlings (beef tripe), magnificent salads, different kinds of cheeses, and exquisite vintage wines. Some days, usually weekend days, we would gather around the family table to eat home made pasta.

The beginning

When I was a kid, I happily developed a taste for the heart warming delicious food that always brought my family and friends together, and that’s exactly what with the Brandi family, my family, we brought to the El Paso – Ciudad Juárez border.

About 11 years ago, we arrived to this border from our native Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were carrying many dreams in our suitcases, knowing we would find the perfect place to make those dreams come true. With Cuartito Azul Argentinean Restaurant, all those dreams came to fruition. First, we opened Cuartito Azul in Ciudad Juárez where we grew to become one of the most successful eateries. Humbly and with hard work, we were able to grow in skills, taste and service.

Almost six years after first opening Cuartito Azul Ciudad Juárez, we were able to expand our business to the United States; Cuartito Azul El Paso was born.

Eight years later

About 8 years later, we are very thankful with our dear customers and friends of both sides of the border. The challenge we took when starting Cuartito Azul Argentinean Restaurant was the perfect one for us to keep our family values alive, with good taste and passion for what we do.

For us, every given day at Cuartito Azul Argentinean Restaurant is like a weekend day at our grandparents’ house used to be back in the day. Always remember that a heart warming family table, home made food, great flavors and friendship are the ingredients that you will always find at our restaurant.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts:

Carlos, María, Leandro, Lucía Brandi and the Cuartito Azul, Argentinean Restaurant staff and family